Our Brewing Process

At Ripple Steam Brewery, our brewing process is a true example of artisan crafted ale; a completely non-mechanised process, placing the emphasis on the skill of an experienced Brewer to extract the required flavours from the best quality ingredients, resulting in unique tasting beers, full in flavour and freshness.We utilise steam (hence our name, Ripple Steam), as the system by which we control temperatures throughout the brewing process.

Grist-milled Malt

We are one of only a few local breweries which “grist” mill our own malt, further strengthening our ability to control the brewing process and it is this level of control which enables Ripple Steam to consistently achieve the distinct freshness and flavour associated with our beers.We take traditional floor malt and create the grist which is then crushed and transferred to the Mash Tun where it is infused with hot liquer to stimulate starches to produce sugars, which along with the flavour and colours generated from the malt, go in to forming the “Wort”

The “Wort” is transferred, whilst sparging, to the brew kettle where the Hops are added and the “Wort” is then brought to a boil, which in turn extracts the oils and flavours from the Hops. After reducing the Worts temperature through a heat exchanger, it is transferred into fermentors where yeast is “pitched” to start the fermentation process, thus enabling the yeast to convert the sugars to alcohol and natural CO2.

Cold-Filtered for Flavour

After the fermentation process has completed, we then chill the fermentors to cold filter the beer prior to racking. During this process, secondary fermentation occurs through the addition of secondary sugars and finings so that the final conditioning of the beer can take place. This style of brewing allows us to create beer where freshness and flavour excels. Want to know more? View our Beers »