Frequently Asked Questions

Is your beer vegetarian / vegan friendly?

The beer in bottle is totally friendly. The cask beer contains a finings agent which clears the yeast but is not an additive. Vegetarians are happy with this, but vegans are not.

Do you sell beer for parties or weddings?

Yes, we sell Kent-brewed cask ales for parties and weddings. Get in touch for more information or to order.

Do you make seasonal beers?

Yes! Beer is our passion and we love experimenting to create unique new flavours. Current seasonal ales include our Black IPA. Past ales have included Green Hopped IPA,¬†Winter Ale and Milk Stout. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas, so if you have one, drop us a line.

What kind of hops do you use?

We use traditional English hope, often adding ‘spice’ or variation of flavour through the addition of European or American hops.

Is your beer eco-friendly?

The beer is made entirely from natural materials and our brewery is considered carbon neutral. We recycle all waste, such as using hops and extracts to form silage for pig farmers. We’ve also implemented a drainage system supported by the Environmental Agency.

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