Cellar Management

Beer is still the biggest selling category in pubs – so quality is paramount. We have created a best-practice guide for you in storing and serving Ripple Steam Beer for optimum flavour.

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After your Delivery

  1. Stillage a cask as soon as it is delivered.
  2. Position the cask level with the shive and the keystone vertically aligned
  3. Avoid disturbing the cask once stillaged
  4. Allow the beer to reach cellar temperature – between 1 to 2 days
  5. Scrub the shive and keystone with warm water or a sanitiser

Conditioning a Cask

  1. Vent the beer using a hard peg.
  2. After the gas has released, replace the hard peg
  3. Tap the cask with a clean tap.
  4. After 2 hours remove the hard peg and listen for the gas release.
    • If still vigorous replace immediately with a soft peg, making sure the soft peg does not become blocked
    • If the conditioning is ‘lively’ replace the soft peg every few hours.
  5. When the gas only vents slowly replace with a clean hard peg.
  6. If the gas release is minimal keep the hard peg secured tightly.
  7. The beer is now ready to serve, but you should check a sample of the beer for CLARITY, AROMA &  TASTE
  8. Remove the hard peg to do so and replace tightly after sampling. 
  9. Hard peg the beer until you are ready to use

Pulling Through to the Bar

  1. Remove the hard peg and pull through
  2. The 3 day rule starts now!
  3. Tilt the cask when 2/3 full – unless using auto-tilts
  4. Hard peg the beer at the end of the trading session
  5. Seal all empties with a cork – and keep in a secure place!
  6. Conditioning using a Vertical Extractor
  7. Tilt the cask away from the keystone by using a 10 to 20 mm wedge
  8. Vent and tap through the keystone with a shank using the same principles as above by releasing the valve.
  9. Shut the valve when the gas release has slowed. (HINT-shut the tap and go back every hour to check the gas release.
  10. When conditioned Lower the extractor rod into the beer and seal

If you have any questions, please contact us today, and we will be happy to help you get the optimal flavour from your artisan beer.

Ripple Steam Brewery in Kent | Guide to Cellar Management