About Ripple Steam Brewery

Ripple Steam Brewery - Traditional steam-brewed artisan beer, crafted in Kent

Our Team

Located on our farm in Kent, at the heart of England’s hop growing country, Ripple Steam Brewery launched its first brew in 2011. Although the Brewery is young, the team is not. David, Peter, Paul and Ches have spent a healthy number of years operating in or around the beer industry, from owning to managing both breweries and pubs.

Our History

Our beer gets the loving, tender care you’d expect from a Steam Brewery. The Ripple Steam Brewery brews its beer to ensure the least ‘bruising’ during the process, ‘grist’ mills our own malt, and is keen on environmentally-friendly brewing. You’ll find that by using only the finest Kent hops and freshest ingredients, we draw out an unsurpassed, sublime flavour, which has earned us numerous awards and accolades.