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Original Best Bitter

Award-winning fruit-flavoured ale, both rich & traditional.

Classic India Pale Ale

This golden, full-bodied beer has a refreshing citrus flavour.

Farmhouse Pale Ale

A light & nutty crisp ale with a subtle orange flavour.

Our Featured Pub

Our Featured Pub

The Lighthouse Pub in Deal, Kent is a new, community-oriented pub which offers the latest in local music and arts events. Each week. they have an eclectic mix of music and creative events, hosting amazing artists from around the country and beyond.

The Lighthouse proudly offers our steam-brewed beer. If you’re looking for entertainment with great taste, why not visit The Lighthouse today?

I believe the popularity of their beers in Kent is in no small part due to the fact they use locally sourced Kent hops, providing the traditional flavours one associates with Kent ... truly hand crafted beers from an authentic local brewery, wonderful!


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